Line of Credit

Available 1-4 family non-owner,5+ units and all Commercial Properties
    Must be in 1st position, ok to pay off  existing liens

Loan sizes from $25,000-1.2 Million

Blanket mortgages allowable

All Commercial property types considered

Properties can be name of LLC, Corporation or Personal Name

1st time or new investors OK, Rental income from subject property included in cash flow.

Borrower can own an unlimited number of properties to be considered

Up to 75% LTV

Interest Rates as low as  prime +1.50

term is 20 years, 5 year draw period, payment calculated during 5 year draw by taking 1/180 of the principal balance and then adding interested, after 5 years, draw period is amortized over 15 years

Lending area from Buffalo to Syracuse

No banking deposit relationship required but available if desired

Line of credit

Out of state borrowers welcome


Call me today and let me go to work for you!

Peter Bostwick

Blackthornefunding LLC



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