About Blackthorne Funding LLC

Peter Bostwick is the owner of Blackthorne Funding   and has been in the mortgage business since 1996. He formed Blackthorne Funding as a mortgage broker in 2000 and has operated it since.  Many loans for residential investor and small commercial  borrowers were  placed during these years. Recently, Blackthorne Funding has decided to  specialize in investor and small commercial loans.

Your browser may not support display of this image. With his experience in teaching, construction and real estate investing, he brings knowledge and understanding to clients who come to him for financing.

Because of his prior teaching experience he was selected to teach the pre-licensing course for mortgage loan officers. Loan officers from mortgage banks and mortgage brokerage firms have attended these classes. The course enabled loan officers to satisfy their educational requirements and ultimately pass the national and New York state licensing exams. By taking and passing the exams himself, he gives the loan officers a first hand perspective of these tests. He continues to tutor loan officers and instruct in continuing education courses.

Over the years, Blackthorne Funding has helped clients secure millions of dollars in loans ranging from the simple vanilla loan to ones which required extensive research. Blackthorne prides itself in prompt responses whether positive or negative. 



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